Hi! I am Nishanth, an Animator & Illustrator from Bangalore, India.
Growing up on a diet of Cookies, Comics and Cartoons from the 90’s, I’m super passionate about creating cool characters, animation and in general moving objects in fun ways.
I like to play around with shapes, colours and exaggerated characters with a nice touch of subtle details, while also adding an engaging narrative and juxtaposition. I find it interesting to have a unique and personal point of view in my work in some form or the other and also building on an array of characters, stories that exist in their own little corner of an ever expanding universe.
At times I like to explore abstract, fun compositions with my heavily stylised characters and almost always leaning towards the joyful side. I enjoy drawing with the lasso tool as it can be quite random and make for a lot of interesting discoveries in the process. Being a fan of chunky sneakers and streetwear I draw a lot of inspiration from that space, it excites me and finds its way into my personal work.
If you find me away from my work desk, I would probably catch you up on my recent sourdough experiments and my quest for an open crumb. I also like moving my body almost as much as I do with my animated characters, currently I’m enjoying my time on a skateboard trying to land an ollie, and can’t wait to get to my next surf session.
Feel free to get in touch with me at nishanth.sanjay@gmail.com